Friday, December 14, 2018

Behold the missing page!

Almost halfway through December and there is no mention of the 2019 Hammocks Board of Directors' Election.  This is yet another breach of the stipulations of our Governing Documents - nothing new for our current Board of Directors - Authorities please take note!

Recently, we have received in the mail notification of the upcoming 2019 Budget Adoption Meeting to be held next Friday, December 21, 6 PM at the Clubhouse, but not the proposed budget that homeowners are entitled to review in good time beforehand. Another violation.

Junk "fish wrap" (now reduced to one folded page) brochure, promoting the board members has been hand-delivered to our doors, but nothing about the Election. 

Madam President (Marglli Gallego): we understand that due to the lawsuit, you cannot consult your former Attorney Celena Nash who might know about these things. So in case you have lost your reference copy of the Hammocks Governing Docs, or just the relevant page so you don't know you need to call an election,  HERE IS THE MISSING PAGE!

Click HERE to see the details of Celena Nash's lawsuit against the Hammocks (public record).

Since we know that some board communications tend to miraculously bypass certain communities, please let us know, via the comments, if you have received anything related to the 2019 Election. Otherwise, we know you have lots to say. The previous article is now closed for comments, please ensure that you get caught up, then continue the conversation here... Take it away Truth Seekers!

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Hammocks Hustle

Above: a thick layer of disgusting brown muck lines the sides of our lake. The 2015 Board of Directors fired the contractors who used to maintain the lake and it is unclear who, if anyone, does it now. This is just one sign of the deplorable state of our community today.

Leading up to the 2015 Hammocks Board of Directors Election, Marglli Gallego pounded the pavements in our community declaring herself independent of all other candidates and gathering support in what appeared to be a genuine desire to make the Hammocks an even better community. [Click 'Read more' below to continue]

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The cycle of abuse

We know the Marglli Gallego community take-over strategy well by now:

Befriend (one or more in the community)
Demoralize (community members by showing all that is 'wrong')
Discredit (the current Board members by accusing them of wrongdoing)
Instigate (a recall of the current Board if possible; rig next election)
Implant (herself and/or her friends on the new Board)
Divert (the community funds to her associates through new contracts)
Select new community and repeat.

It appears that once again the DBPR has failed to connect the dots and identify M.A.R.G.L.L.I.   G.A.L.L.E.G.O. as the source of all evil in the Hammocks, facilitating her latest attempt to take the Heron Board.  Elections for the Heron Board of Directors will be held on May 10th and all the relevant information and instructions has been mailed to all homeowners there.

Our warning to the Heron community remains the same as previous years:
[Click 'Read more' below to continue]

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

3 years - waiting to exhale

Another record-breaking landslide election victory to Marglli Gallego and friends. 2018 Hammocks Board of Directors with "President Gallego" now, in case you hadn't heard. 
If the past is any guide to the future, then we'd better brace ourselves for more of the same or even worse. Over the past 3 years, an increasingly emboldened Marglli Gallego has continually refined her successful ORGANIZED CRIME formula and retained control of the Hammocks. Since SHE holds the key to the ballot box, only the authorities can intervene now and put our community back on the right side of the law. 
We wait with bated breath! [Click 'Read more' below to continue]

Friday, March 2, 2018

Tried, tested and proven to be true

It's Déjà vu. With just a few days to go before the Hammocks Board of Directors Election, we find ourselves in a familiar place. The ballots have been fixed, the B-Team is in place to secure the Alternate Directors' seats and as expected, Marglli and company are working hard to smear the good name of her most worthy opponents, the members of the former 2013/2014 Board.  Yes, if everything goes according to her plan, Marglli Gallego's status in the Hammocks will be guaranteed for another year.  Authorities take note: PLEASE do not allow this sham of an election to proceed as planned. [Click 'Read more' below to continue]

Friday, February 16, 2018

Hammocks Election 2018: rig it to win it!

Updated on 2/24/18, the green highlights will help you find those important links!

The annual Hammocks election  is Tuesday March 6, 2018 and the sitting Board of Directors is up to their usual tricks to retain control of our community at all costs.  From all indications, the election is already rigged so that they can win, and it appears that the latest crop of newcomers are their intended "B team". We know how this works - although largely unknown in the community, these new individuals will receive record numbers of votes (second only to the current Board members' of course) which will effectively displace the known former Board members (or other strong candidates) from being Alternate Directors. The current Board has not lived up to their obligations towards the Alternate Directors anyway, and have pretty much locked them out of Hammocks business, right along with the rest of us other legitimate homeowners. 

Things are going to get pretty hot now in the days ahead.
Have you met Ted yet?  Has he been in your community yet canvassing for votes for Marglli?  Or maybe he's been so kind and offered to turn in your absentee ballot to the office for you. Is he wearing a shirt with the Hammocks logo when he comes to your door???
---> Click here to meet Ted <---

You might have seen Ana Martinez canvassing your neighborhood, trying to get your signature on an absentee ballot.  She might be in disguise, so who knows how her hair might look on any given day?!
---> Click here to see Ana Martinez in disguise <---

And how about Joao Mercado?  Have you met him yet?  He works in the office, and he's the one who Marglli has put in charge of the election. No surprise, he's just another of marglli's cronies with a police record.  In addition, the lien that Hammocks had placed on his property for unpaid fees was satisfied one month before he started working in the office.  So did he actually pay the outstanding money to the Hammocks? Or did he sell his soul to Marglli to settle that debt?  Celena Nash, would you like to comment on that?
Light it up Hammocks! We know you've got lots to say!!! 
Note that we have closed the previous article for new comments, please continue the conversation here. (The last few comments have been moved over to this article so they won't be hidden from your view under a 'load more' link.)
The Hammocks Truth Seekers


Thursday, February 1, 2018

The fish rots from the head down

This title speaks for itself.  Our current Board, their activities and their connections have left a STENCH in our community that gets more revolting as each new horrifying detail is revealed about them.

Many homeowners know more than they will say publicly, because they fear retribution from Marglli (fish head) Gallego and her associates.  We thank you for what you have told to us in confidence and asked us not to publish - your information has been treated with the greatest care. We thank you for what you have dared to publicly state on this blog - you are fearless in your pursuit of justice. For those of you who are conflicted (and we understand your reasons), please tell the authorities what you know, here are two individuals that you can trust.

Please ensure that you check all the comments on the previous post and click 'load more' at the bottom of that page so you don't miss anything.  We have now closed that article for comments, let's continue the conversation here.  We know you have more to say!

The Hammocks Truth Seekers 

PS. Thank you fellow Truth Seekers for providing the inspiration for the title of this post! "Fish wrap magazine" we are still laughing about this one!